May 22, 2018

How many toys does your child really need?

Parents get overwhelmed when they go shop toys for their kid. Kids have their toy baskets overflowing with toys. But have you every thought hoe many toys does your kids actually need?

T for toys, Fewer toys is better !

Toys help a lot in shaping a child’s development. There are many toys which help them learn new things while playing. In short, we must take their play time seriously. Giving too many toys distracts them. An experiment shows that fewer toys help in increasing the attention span in toddlers and makes them more creative. Toys in abundance reduces the quality of play in the toddlers. Having fewer toys makes them learn social skills. They learn the concept of give and take. Children learn to take better care of their toys. and of course, you will have a cleaner house with lesser but more resourceful toys.

Toy Rotation

By rotating toys, you can keep a child engaged in a few toys at a time. After a few days, rotate the toys again and give them something different to play with. You will see how they would be so interested in the toys they discarded earlier.

Do not keep similar toys

What is the point of having two shape sorters and a number of stacking rings?

Pick up good toys

Buy open ended toys like blocks, kitchen sets, etc because these enhance their creativity and keep them engaged for a longer time. Choose wooden toys over plastic ones.

Keep books accessible

This would draw their attention towards books. Kids can pick the books they like to read by themselves.

Let us make our house free of all the clutter. Of course toys are an important part of the childhood but there is no point in giving way too many to your child. As I said, fewer toys, more the learning. 

fewer toys

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