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Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Cloth Diaper Review

Cloth diapering has become a blessing for my bub and me. I am proud that I switched to cloth diapering and have almost become a pro now. We received an Aviva Organic Cotton Diaper from Bumpadum and we absolutely love it. Let’s get to know more about this brand and our experience with this cloth diaper


Bympadum was founder by Ms Anuradha Rao while she hunted for modern cloth diapers for her daughter. She realised that most the cloth diapers in india were imported and expensive. Hence, she wanted to provide high quality, locally produced yet pocket friendly modern cloth diapers in India. Bumpadum, based out of Bangalore, sources the fabrics locally and internationally and employs local tailors to fabricate their diapers.

Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Diaper

Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Cloth Diaper Review

Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Cloth Diaper Review

We received this beautiful printed diaper along with the inserts and a hemp booster. The diaper was wrapped in a beautiful velvet cloth and knotted by a beautiful ribbon. The shell of the diaper has four rise settings and can fit babies form the age of three months to three years. It is lined with stay dry micro fleece which keeps the baby’s skin cool even when the temperature rises. It has a two part insert, with the ability to snap the two together. We can use it with just one insert if the baby is young or if we want to use this during day time. Both the inserts can be if more absorption is required. Another insert can be added for toddlers or for nigh time use for heavy wetters.

Our Experience :

Diaper Prepping

I washed the diaper and the inserts as mentioned in the information leaflet three times before suing it in the day time. The diaper takes quite less time to dry. I was surprised how the diaper was already performing so well after three washes itself.

Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Cloth Diaper Review

Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Cloth Diaper Review


The diaper has an excellent absorbency and we have not had a single incident of leakage. The diapers lasts around three hours during the day time. It lasts more if used with the hemp booster. I have not tried it for night use yet.


I loved how this diaper beautify fits around the bub’s bottom. The diaper is a trim fit and feels so comfortable. The trim fit also ensures lesser chances of leaks.

Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Cloth Diaper Review

Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Cloth Diaper Review


I was stunned to see the prints Bumpadum offers. This one is for my tech savvy baby 🙂 I loved all the other prints too.

Light weight

I find the diaper so light in weight and easy to use. The snaps give a comfortable fit. The design of the diaper ensures ease of use and wash.

Value for money

This cloth diaper costs Rs 649 without the inserts and Rs 949 with them. I feel the diaper is totally worth it. The shell of the diaper can be bought with or without inserts. The hemp booster costs Rs 219.

Silsila-Konnichiwa Reversible Clutch

Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Cloth Diaper Review

Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Cloth Diaper Review

We were also sent this lovely reversible, water proof bag. I mostly use it for storing the diapers while I travel. Though it can be used for other purposes too.

My verdict

If you are a cloth diapering mama and looking for a pocket friendly and good quality cloth diaper, this one is your perfect choice. Choose from the stunning prints available. You can buy these from the website of Bumpadum or from Amazon.

Have you tried cloth diapering yet? Share your experiences in comments section below.

31 thoughts on “Bumpadum Stay-Dry Duet Cloth Diaper Review

  1. These cloth diapers look promising since you never had a single incident of leakage:). I too used cloth diapers on my son, due to the softness of the material and I was a happy cloth diapering mom!

  2. I love the hygiene that comes with cloth diapering! Of course all us moms have gotten busy with the current sitauations- but our children come first and we need to give them the best!

    1. They are 100% washable. And just need to be dried in the sun so that they get disinfected. And the inserts can be bought separately too esp if you have a heavy wetter.

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